Varda Salon

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VARDA operates a training salon that is open to the public. The purpose of the salon is to provide students with 'real client' experiences. Appointments are essential.

Training Salon Hours

  • Monday: 9am - 4pm
  • Tuesday: 1pm - 4pm
  • Wednesday: 9am - 4pm
  • Thursday: 9am -4pm

The Training Salon operates in 'sessions'. Most services are booked at the start of a session e.g. 9am. Services such as cut and dry may sometimes be booked later in the session.

To make an appointment it is preferable to:

  • Phone: 07 838 3744
  • Call in to: 389 Anglesea Street - Hamilton

We are located just north of the main Transport Centre (Bus Depot) down the driveway between Copier World and Patterson Burn Optometrist. See Contact Us for map/street view.

Woman Browsing Hair Products on Shelf
Woman getting her hair done

To our clients

Your hair service is being performed by students who are in training. The salon experience should be a positive one for both client and student. Students are fully supervised.

Your service is expected to take longer than if you were at a commercial salon. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

The training salon is not appropriate for children. If, due to circumstances there is a need to bring children, they must be supervised at all times.


We cannot offer a quote without viewing your hair and discussing your requirements. Charges are “minimal” and depend on the amount of product used on your hair. Please ask for the price of your service before it commences.


Check out Facebook to see if we are looking for models for 'free of charge' services.


VARDA has a strict policy on Skin Patch Testing prior to every on-scalp colour, including toners. While not common, allergic reactions can occur in some clients who have previously not had a reaction. All colour clients are required to undergo a ‘Skin Patch Test’ to check for allergic reactions.

As VARDA is a training organisation it is important that we follow industry standards.

Colour manufacturer’s product instructions require a Skin Patch Test to be performed prior to every on- scalp colour application. This means that each time you have an on-scalp colour in our training salon you will:

  • Have to undergo a Skin Patch Test in our training salon 24-48 hours before your colour appointment (this does not take long); or
  • Have to have applied a ‘Patch Test’ at home 24-48 hours before your appointment.

We will send you a test kit or you can collect from us or, you will be given one at the end of each colour appointment. The Patch Test must be visible so that we can check it prior to starting your on-scalp colour service.

Reactions tested for:

Itching, swelling, redness and burning of the skin (rinse the area immediately with water) and in severe cases vomiting and respiratory distress. VARDA takes this precaution to keep clients safe from chemical reactions.

NO Patch Test, NO on-scalp colour, NO exceptions!

We apologise for any inconvenience Patch Testing may cause you. VARDA makes sure it takes these precautions to keep clients safe from chemical reactions.

I’d like to say a Thank you to Deb and the whole crew at Varda. The experience I had here was amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. The amazing support from staff and teachers was cherished dearly by myself and I can speak on the behalf of the other students when saying this too.

Thank you to my wonderful tutor for all the one on one learning and teaching you sent my way. Without it I wouldn’t be the great barber I am today. From helping me with cutting techniques to finding me work experience you were always there for me and always put me and the other students first.”

Troy Bernhard

Coming to Varda was the best choice I made when I left High School. I’ve learnt professionalism in the Barber trade and I’ve taken it and used it as a life skill. Varda has taught me all the basics of barber skills and the tutors were supportive.

Maia Haumu

Before coming to Varda I was a stay at home mum, so this year was definitely a change for me.

When covid came around it all changed again. We did it and without the support from every single person at Varda I don't know how we would of survived the year. From other students supporting each other and cheering us all on and helping with models, to the tutors and all staff who were there helping us all achieve our goals and supporting us through our tough days too.

Also a big thank you to our tutor for your support, loyalty and guidance.

Megan Brinkworth
Salon Support

To Varda, the staff and of course our amazing tutor, thank you for your endless support and overall patience throughout this course especially through the times where we couldn't see the end. 

This year has been amazing working along side all of you. The amount of support and banter with each other has been incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to have shared this adventure with.

Helena McKenzie
Emerging Stylist

Just perfect! Tutors encouraged me and showed me a lot of new skills and found what I was good at. Varda also relaxed me before completing any assessments that were hard to achieve, helpful tutors and classmates. I started dreaming a new future here at Varda, and Varda also helped me to set my goal for next year too. Thanks, it was the best school I ever went. Miss you all.

Phoebe Choi
‘Salon Support’

“I loved studying at Varda, I loved all the tutors. They were friendly and they believe in me”.

Brittany Richardson
‘Makeup and Skin Care’

“My experience studying at Varda was absolutely amazing. It always felt like a safe learning environment and always had such a dedicated team of tutors and staff to help us with questions or problems. Walking into class always felt homely and welcoming. Our tutor was always willing to help any student and always had a boost of motivation and support to push you to succeed your goals.”

Chloe Curnow
‘Salon support’

I loved the atmosphere, everyone is always happy and all staff are so polite. I also believe that Varda has a great support system for both students and clients.

Jade Coe

Varda has helped me so much with my people skills and has made me so much more confident in myself and the things I can do. I’ve learnt a lot being here and have loved every moment of it.

Jamie Paki
‘Salon Support’