Makeup & Skincare.

Makeup & Skincare.

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NZ Certificate in Makeup and Skin Care


Level 3


15 Weeks Part-time


Tuition Fees: $7,836.00

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Additional Costs

Equipment Kit and course related costs: Approximately $1000 (less if you do not require all equipment).
Locker: $10.00. Must be paid on day 1 of your enrolment and is compulsory.
Student ID: $20.00

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NZ Certificate in Makeup and Skin Care


This 15 week part-time blended learning programme of study introduces people to the beauty industry. Giving learners the foundation knowledge and skills required to perform a range of makeup and skincare services. Graduates will be capable of working with limited supervision in a makeup and skin care context.

Who can enroll?

  • Must be aged at least 16 or 15 with a Ministry of Education Exemption
  • Must have a reasonable level of competence in English and Maths.
  • Must complete our entry assessment to a good standard.
  • If further checks are required to confirm a learner’s suitability for enrolment they will be informed in writing.
  • Must meet programme entry criteria
  • International students must meet visa requirements and have IELTs 5.5 or equivalent
  • Applicants will have National Certificate of Education Achievement (Level 1) (or equivalent)
  • be physically able to carry out the programme 
  • Students are required to attend Varda Academy two days a week and complete self directed online learning. 

What will I learn?

  • Professional standards relevant to safety and hygiene in the makeup and skin care environment Consulting with clients on their needs and offer possible makeup and skin care treatments
  • Advising clients on cosmetics and toiletries with workplace promotions
  • Meeting clients needs with makeup and skin care services
  • Identifying skin conditions and possible implications to skin care and makeup services
  • Professionally communicating with clients in the workplace

Are you aged between 16-24? See if you are eligible for our Zero Fees Youth Guarantee program here:

Youth Gaurantee

Makeup & Skincare.

I’d like to say a Thank you to Deb and the whole crew at Varda. The experience I had here was amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. The amazing support from staff and teachers was cherished dearly by myself and I can speak on the behalf of the other students when saying this too.

Thank you to my wonderful tutor for all the one on one learning and teaching you sent my way. Without it I wouldn’t be the great barber I am today. From helping me with cutting techniques to finding me work experience you were always there for me and always put me and the other students first.”

Troy Bernhard

Coming to Varda was the best choice I made when I left High School. I’ve learnt professionalism in the Barber trade and I’ve taken it and used it as a life skill. Varda has taught me all the basics of barber skills and the tutors were supportive.

Maia Haumu

Before coming to Varda I was a stay at home mum, so this year was definitely a change for me.

When covid came around it all changed again. We did it and without the support from every single person at Varda I don't know how we would of survived the year. From other students supporting each other and cheering us all on and helping with models, to the tutors and all staff who were there helping us all achieve our goals and supporting us through our tough days too.

Also a big thank you to our tutor for your support, loyalty and guidance.

Megan Brinkworth
Salon Support

To Varda, the staff and of course our amazing tutor, thank you for your endless support and overall patience throughout this course especially through the times where we couldn't see the end. 

This year has been amazing working along side all of you. The amount of support and banter with each other has been incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to have shared this adventure with.

Helena McKenzie
Emerging Stylist

Just perfect! Tutors encouraged me and showed me a lot of new skills and found what I was good at. Varda also relaxed me before completing any assessments that were hard to achieve, helpful tutors and classmates. I started dreaming a new future here at Varda, and Varda also helped me to set my goal for next year too. Thanks, it was the best school I ever went. Miss you all.

Phoebe Choi
‘Salon Support’

“I loved studying at Varda, I loved all the tutors. They were friendly and they believe in me”.

Brittany Richardson
‘Makeup and Skin Care’

“My experience studying at Varda was absolutely amazing. It always felt like a safe learning environment and always had such a dedicated team of tutors and staff to help us with questions or problems. Walking into class always felt homely and welcoming. Our tutor was always willing to help any student and always had a boost of motivation and support to push you to succeed your goals.”

Chloe Curnow
‘Salon support’

I loved the atmosphere, everyone is always happy and all staff are so polite. I also believe that Varda has a great support system for both students and clients.

Jade Coe

Varda has helped me so much with my people skills and has made me so much more confident in myself and the things I can do. I’ve learnt a lot being here and have loved every moment of it.

Jamie Paki
‘Salon Support’